The Hampshire County Bar Association is offering a free, one-hour long update in employment law on June 7, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. in Courtroom #3 of the Northampton District Court. This update will provide general practitioners and employment lawyers with an update on the numerous developments in employment law that affect business clients, as well as developments that will be occurring over the next several months.

Attorneys from Robinson Donovan will discuss key Federal, state and local employment developments, including:

• Massachusetts Equal Pay Act
• Pregnant Worker Fairness Act
• Rights for victims of domestic violence in the workplace
• The Federal stalemate over exempt status
• Workplace effects of past State ballot initiatives, including earned sick time and legalizing the use of medical and recreational marijuana
• Pending bills and ballot initiatives, including mandated paid leave, increased minimum wage, wage theft and the use of non-competes

There will also be a discussion on sexual harassment claims and training after the #MeToo movement, and time for a general question and answer session on employment-related issues.