Robinson Donovan, P.C., successfully assisted a contractor from New York in resolving a claim for monies owed under a construction contract for a project in Berkshire County. The owner of the property had failed to pay more than $140,000 owed to the contractor for labor and materials provided to the owner in the construction of a hotel.

After being contacted by the contractor, Robinson Donovan immediately prepared documents to perfect a Mechanic’s Lien pursuant to G.L. c. 254, § 2, and recorded a Notice of Contract and Sworn Statement with the Berkshire Registry of Deeds. A Mechanic’s Lien, properly recorded and perfected, provides contractors with a lien against a property where the work was performed, and is a strong tool for compelling delinquent owners to pay amounts owed under a construction contract.

Here, once notice of these recordings were provided to the owner, the parties were able to resolve the claim and the contractor was paid.

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